Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kale Chips

Tonight I made these tasty chips:

They are kale that has been washed and dried, coated with a little bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, flax seeds, nutritional yeast and cayenne pepper.

The seasonings were dusted on after coating the chips with the oil and vinegar. I then roasted them for 12 minutes at 350degrees. They are awesome, you have to try them.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

*************Harrison and Muchnick************* ************Joined in Holy Matrimony************

I had the immense pleasure of attending the green organic extravaganza wedding weekend of Kate Harrison and Barry Muchnick. The celebration took place over four days in three separate locations in and around Garrison, NY. The pictures don't tell half of it, but they do give a visual taste of the time we all had. I missed the evening by the fireside on Friday and the day's activities at the farm on Saturday. I made it for the harvest dinner, but neglected to take pictures. The photographic record starts with...

The Ceremony - Part I

The chuppah was at Catrock, some former railroad baron's estate with a transcendent view of the Hudson River and surrounding mountains. We watched Kate and Barry exchange their rings and vows and set out on their lifelong struggle against the decay and bacteria that surround us. Kate's great uncle Rabbi Joshua Haberman officiated.

The culinary festivities started with champagne and little caramelized onion and apple pastries.

L'chaim, everyone!

Dinner and Dancing - Part II

I neglected to photograph the antipasti we munched on before the formal dinner as well as the green salad that was on our plates when we sat down. They were all fantastic.

Mushroom Soup

Kate and Barry had their first dance while we were seated and still slurping up the soup. Once we finished, though, we got up and joined them.

Palate cleanser, anyone? Lemon sorbet and flaky cookie.

Enormous and very rare hunk of beef garnished with pea shoots and roasted root vegetables.


Dessert and More Dancing - Part III

Dessert #1 - a melty chocolate cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream

Me + Becca!

Wedding cake. Sorry for the poor focus. I was a bit blurry myself.


Nightcap - Part IV

The reception ended unceremoniously early, but the party continued at the farm with some fantastic drinks, more conversation, but no dancing.

Josh, Becca, and Shoshi!

Lunch in a Box

this meal is a throwback to times of yore.

shredded raw beet, zucchini and carrot salad
slice of pepperjack

getting nostalgic, Hil?

Monday, October 08, 2007

To and Fro

On Saturday, my friend Laura turned 27. To celebrate, I made dinner for her and a bunch of our med school chums.

I haven't really been cooking since I moved back into a dorm, so hosting a dinner party seemed like a bit of a stretch. I had to borrow a lot of kitchen appliances and make an inordinate amount of trips between my bedroom and the kitchen.

But! I was pleasantly surprised by how things turned out. The pesto was wonderful, super basily and and perfectly salted. (I learned a thing or two about pesto-making from Eli the Saturday prior) . We also had a really rich Muhammra, and Laura made a salad with baby greens, cherry tomatoes and pebble-sized bits of fresh mozarella whose Italian name I've yet to learn.

It was suggested that shrimp would go well with the pasta, but at the last minute, the shrimp chef had to bolt. She had a date! With a boy in our class. Nobody at dinner was to find out, so I kept my lips zipped and found a replacement shrimp-cooker, stat. Before I knew it, dinner was ready.

I also made the lemon chiffon cake out of the Tartine Cookbook. It came out light and spongy and not too sweet. Laura's mom had picked a huge box of raspberries in Connecticut that morning and they were really ripe. We whipped up some cream with a dash of vanilla and sugar and served the berries with the cake. There wasn't a crumb--or a raspberry--left.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Well, not exactly.

But we Feimans+Sarko did buy and eat a lot of fish on Cape Cod.

Behold below the bounty of the North Atlantic!

Fried cod and scallops from Mac's at Wellfleet Harbor

My Dad preparing fresh bluefish

Grilled swordfish and scallops plus accoutrements

Seared tuna, potato and green salads

Lobster rolls and fries served by surly Shirley in Ptown