Monday, February 09, 2009

"Fruit and Cheese" Plate

My veggie option at Sloane's wonderful wedding turned out to be chopped up apples and pears. My concerned tablemates eagerly offered their mini-croissants and buttered carrots to round out my meal. It was refreshing, actually, to get so much edible fresh fruit in Mexico! And the most important thing, of course, were the chilaquiles at midnight...luckily there was a real veg version then.

Mac and cheese 2

New French oven! Deep dish mac & cheese. Look at that CRUST. 1/11/09. Yum!

The making of borscht

Slicing cabbage, finished product. Roasted chestnuts & pickles (go great with radish!) Sauteed kale. Sweet potato-carrot puree. The whole ensemble. Dinner 1/10/09

Post Thanksgiving

Post-TG coconut curry stew with veggies and tempeh, tomato-coconut milk based. Over brown rice. I based this on a recipe I found online, I think, but I can't remember. There wasn't much food in the house--I had Thanksgiving elsewhere--but I pulled this tasty meal together 11/28.

Composed salad

Such things as helped keep me composed during a month of writing. Black beans, sprouted legumes, Boston lettuce, carrots. Dressing on the side. Prepared and eaten 1/9/09.


My first hummus in a long time, along with the christening of a new Le Creuset with mac & cheese (Farmstead recipe).

Green salad. Dinner 12/2/08.


Too spicy but fun and delicious. Served with crackers and a stinky Farmstead cheese, my favorite olives and carrot sticks. Dinner 12/01/08.

October Oatmeal

Steel-cut oats with raisins, cinnamon apples, and soymilk. Breakfast 11/29.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

zenfully delicious

red lentil soup with a scoop of rice, a dollop of yogurt, and a handful of buttery sauteed spinach.

*note the pretty, inventive-but-unfortunately-bland cilantro whiskey sour to the right