Sunday, September 30, 2007

Carrot Cake, Ho!

While Sara was taunting me about my salt tooth, John whipped up a sublime carrot cake from the recipe in Baking Illustrated. Totally fantastic. We were super patient and waited for the cake to cool completely before icing it, making it a perfect post-dip-in-the-harbor treat. And I have 1/3 left in my fridge!! Not for long!!


Sara Sani and John Mangin came for the weekend! Yay! Here's what we made:

butternut squash gnocchi (not quite like Katie Bernarding's, says Sara)
pesto (pass the salt, I say, and maybe some more chunks for John)
wax beans (a mild and most welcome addition)
salad (how 'bout that tang!)

Holiday High

Shana Tova everyone! I hope everyone's having a tasty new year. I started mine by making the challahs on top for an Erev Rosh dinner hosted by my Dad's cousin in Boston. The other pictures show the insane quanitites of food I prepared for a post-Yom Kippur meal. I think this is the most food I've ever made on my own in one day. I pulled off two honey cakes, four challahs, a cabbage kugel, eggplant salad, marinated mushrooms, salted fried almonds, and chopped liver and then had a mess that took three hours to clean! I was delighted to have the company of so many fantastic people after the holiday. I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of the buffet table, but here's the cognac and challah and nibbles we started with. My memory, however, of the other food is quite vivid. Thanks Yossi for the Moroccan carrots, Heather for the spinach pie, Tatiana for the pasta salad, Avram for the egg and spinach dish, Leo and Charlotte for the salads, Gabe for the lamb pie, Emilio for the cheese plate, and the rest of you for the many many bottles of beer and wine that your brought. Seriously, guys--- this was something else!! I had a sublime time.

Modest Meal

These are zucchini fritters that I made out of a mediterranean cookbook that Alma brought. They were so so. Crunchy, mild. Good with pesto. Better, probably, with some kind of kebab or a juicy tomato salad.

New World Order

Hil's back in the Bay until January and so the lovely Alma Zecevic has moved in with me. Along with a new collection of kitchen utensils and dishware, Alma has brought a new culinary dimension to 140 Chapin. She eats meat! We have tentative plans to grill Sarajevan sausages before it gets too cold. Already, she's delighted me with a hearty steak, stuffed pepper dinner, and butternut squash soup dinner. I had forgotten how incredible squash soup is when you add chicken stock and cream! Behold!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday precall dinner

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all courtesy of the baltimore farmer's market
hamburger on whole wheat
bread and butter
(Dan had grilled onions too)

Dan's icecream

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vanilla and chocolate sauce

home assembled icecream cone

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passion fruit sorbet & vanilla ice cream. Good.

saturday pre-call dinner

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AMAZING spare ribs
roast fingerling potatoes
green beans with garlic and soy sauce

clinic breakfast

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fresh peaches and yogurt and granola and chai

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Summer cooking I was too busy to post

Here are several prior dinners/delights from this summer I wasn't able to post earlier! From the top: antipasti dinner, blueberry pie ala Dan, the burned sour cherry jam (sorry folks, we'll try again next year - in smaller batches. I think that was the problem.) purple raspberry jam - yay! And finally, my esteemed brother savoring a rocket pop. Hugs to all.