Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here are the beets I just pickled, a recent chicken paprikash, ans a lasagna with homemade sauce, noodles, and ricotta. It's so nice to have the time for delicious projects!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yum again

Here is sticky rice, miso eggplant, winter squash-coconut tempeh, green salad with grated beet. Cold-weather foods from last winter...

The Usual

Lentil stew over quinoa, sauteed greens with pine nuts, yogurt. Green salad off-screen.

Coconut milk curry

This is a not-great photo of a great coconut milk curry with veg & tofu over rice.

Tu B'Shvat 5768

I hosted a last-minute Tu B'Shvat seder in January. Pictured here are root veggie soup on the stove (and to the far right on the table). I thought the beets overdominated (color was the least of it) but everyone loved this soup! There's also a moon challah with various fruits and nuts, spaghetti squash, tamarind chutney, another red sauce, an Indian spiced yogurt & nut sauce, basmati rice with fava beans, Geoff & Charlotte's apple-pecan wild rice, and a tray of my variation on Top-of-the-Wall Cookies from the Tassajara Baking book. Refined-sugar free!

An Eli & Hil Meal

We ate this in the winter. Radiatore with tomato sauce, broccoli, salad.

The Cake

This year I got into making 30th and 60th birthday cakes. Here's a slice of Heather's 30th: three layers alternating Tartine devil's food & Baking Illustrated chocolate, filled with whipped cream mixed with morello cherry fruit spread from TJ's. Plain whipped cream frosting.

Ghost of Rosh Hashana Past

highlights from the 7th annual rosh hashanah celebration at tara m's house.

grilled peppers, ginger poundcake with handpicked wild blackberries and whipped cream, muhammara with toasty bread, green herb and spinach omelet with yogurt, ruth's apple torte, rustic apple tart, challah with and without raisins, the buffet table (incl andy katzman and aunt syl's noodle kugels, apple cake, and stew in awesome pot)

Here I Blog

Beginning with Thanksgiving Last Year! Nothin' like reminiscin'.
This is sangria and artichoke dip with pita. Of course we are at mom's.
Then it's the homemade tofurkey! Amazing! My mother made me do it and it was worth the (one) time.
Finally, salad, turkey, cranberries.
Fall is good.