Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seafood, Pasta and.... Pickles?!

Over the break, my mom, Nick and I drove to the Gulf Coast of Florida for dinner at Tony's in Cedar Key. My mom and Nick indulged in the restaurant's famous clam chowder, which the restaurant will ship throughout the US, and agreed it rivals anything you find in New England.

For dinner, Nick had the "guilt free" platter (pictured on left), which includes grilled Grouper bites, steamed shrimp, and steamed Cedar Key clams, while my mom enjoyed some Teriyaki shrimp. I was amazed that a seafood restaurant in this tiny FL town actually had a vegetarian option on their menu, described as "A generous portion of pasta topped with our fresh grilled vegetable medley." Served in a fish platter (right), the pasta and veggies looked great... until I took a bite and realized that the "zucchini" in the vegetable medley were actually pieces of pickles, mixed right in with the other vegetables in the marinara sauce. Blasphemy!

At least the Key lime Pie was top notch. (http://www.tonyschowder.com/)